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Lightman faces [07 Jun 2010|05:26am]

[ mood | creative ]


teaser 1 teaser 2 teaser 3

[33] Lightman faces
[05] Lie to me (animated)
[05] Tom Roth

all you can find h e r e @ my blog

~*~ Don’t steal other people’s work
~*~ Have fun to use it
~*~ Don’t change my work
~*~ Textless Icons/GFX are NO bases!!
~*~ Please give credit and don’t claim as your own
~*~ NO HOTLINKING, please upload them on your own server
~*~ Comments = Love
~*~ Stealing = Bad
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[18 Apr 2008|11:44pm]


hey people! I've just joined your community and I'm very glad about it!
You see, I'm from Russia and unfortunetely there are no ru_communities of Tim. Well, anyway, I'm here.
And I'm desperately looking for some Tim's movies such as 'No Way Home' and 'Metamorphosis'. Have I any chance to find them somehow, can you help me???

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Tim Roth Site!;) [21 Mar 2008|04:16pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

   TIM ROTH Site!!Enjoy!!!

UPDATED E.V.E.R.Y.DAY!!!please post too!



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Woohoo! Another Tim Community! [17 Mar 2008|01:47am]

Yay! There are more Tim fans out there!! Just had to express my joy :-D.

I must do a spot of shameless self promotion - I have recently started a forum for the lovely Mr Roth and I'm in desperate need of members!


So come help me out :-D.

P.S I promise to contribute here as well, not just stop off and advertise my own space ;-).
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[21 Dec 2007|11:09pm]


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Tim & Francis Premiere YWY in LA [10 Dec 2007|02:31pm]


Check out more footage of the LA Premiere at timrothaddicted 
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New Interviews & Pictures of the L.A. Premiere [09 Dec 2007|08:43am]

[ mood | chipper ]

A great interview with Tim talking about some of his films.

Click here to read new print interview & see picturesCollapse )

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Tim in NYC Promoting 'Youth Without Youth' [04 Dec 2007|05:27pm]

I uploaded a new interview and some pictures of Tim doing promotion in NYC.

More Pictures and Videos behind cut...Collapse )
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Upcoming Events & News For Tim [03 Dec 2007|08:47am]

[ mood | excited ]


Upcoming TV Shows, Appearances and Magazine news.....Collapse )

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[27 Nov 2007|07:37pm]

Pictures of Tim Roth in Youth Without Youth (release date 12/21/07) and
Funny Games (release date 03/19/08)

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spin magazine [27 Nov 2007|06:43am]

sorry about the small size. if anyone can't read it, i'll type it up...

various things tim likesCollapse )
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The famous polaroids [26 Nov 2007|11:37pm]

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[24 Nov 2007|06:38pm]

 A friend of mine gave me this photo from a magazine, I thought I'd share 

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hey guys! Need some help... [22 Nov 2007|05:23pm]

Hi!  Im not sure if anyone can help me.. but im-a-gonna-try.

I'm looking desperatly for massive amounts of screencaps from "Captives".  I know I have seen them before, but that was like a couple of years ago me thinks.  I THINK I saw them from this group, but I could be very wrong.  But if anyone can help me out or point in the right direction I'd thankya forever!

haha, have a great day guys!


Saw the trailor for "Funny Games" and wow... can not wait!!  Looks twisted and great haha!
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[10 Nov 2007|09:47pm]

I found this video, its Tim on Charlie Rose back in 1999,  I thought I'd share it.


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youth without youth - update [20 Oct 2007|08:22pm]

AP article - First Coppola film in a decade premieres

i don't give a rat's rear end that it's "coppola's first film in a decade"...i'm gonna see it for tim! 

official website
imdb listing

you ever feel like he's not in nearly enough movies to satisfy your need for a roth fix?
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Trailers for Roth's Upcoming Flicks [16 Sep 2007|07:41pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Youth Without Youth

Funny Games

Also, there is a nine-minute long interview with him about Reservoir Dogs here.

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[25 Aug 2007|07:08pm]

Hello, I'm new  here but I've loved Tim for years now. Fell in love with him when I watched R&GAD back in the 9th Grade. So I thought I'd give you guys a "little" picspam present (I put little in quotations because its not really little lol) They're mostly my personal favorite pictures, so enjoy. Also many many thanks to the person who created this community :)

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hello!i'm new! [05 Jan 2007|01:50am]

[ mood | amused ]

HELLO EVERYONE !i'm valentina from italy (florence!)i'm really glad to enter in  this community to speak about tim roth ,my only "virtual love" that lasts since i was a preteen and i saw rosencrantz and guildestern are dead!!!and if possible to share my photos or expecially movies that here in my country are so hard to find!!i have almost all his filmography!(and rare theatre things or magazines too!)but still looking for something !!i'm searching all people (for the moment i found only ebay)that could sell me or share his movies!!if you want i have a list of what i'm looking for and what i have got(MOST OF ALL ENGLISH AUDIO DVDS OR VHS)i can reverse all of them onto region free dvds!i preferred to exange without money but i buy them too!happy NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY!!!!if interested,please enter in my own TIM journal too!;)

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Multi-fandom icons. [26 Sep 2006|07:16pm]

[ mood | content ]

[*]Credit to mnightfistfight
[*]Please comment if taking
[*]Blanks are not bases
[*]Credits Post

[2] Chiaki Kuriyama
[7] Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are Dead (Animated)
[2] Reservoir Dogs
[4] Tim Roth

1 2 3

More here.
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