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Trailers for Roth's Upcoming Flicks

Youth Without Youth

Funny Games

Also, there is a nine-minute long interview with him about Reservoir Dogs here.
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I have been waiting - I am so excited for these. THANK YOU SO MUCH
More than happy to pass on the awesome Roth love, heh.
That funny games looks like it could be awsome if it's done right. My sick little mind jumps for joy at crap like that, especially if Roth is involved. Woot
I'm quite excited for it. It's a remake (by the original director), and a large number of people I've encountered have said the original was one of the most disturbing films they'd ever seen... Of course, that just makes me more psyched, hah.
Gosh im so excited too i just love the movies that Haneke makes, and to have Tim in it too is just all the more AMAZING!!
Oh, exciting! Can't wait for them to hit the cinemaes here :)