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hello!i'm new!

HELLO EVERYONE !i'm valentina from italy (florence!)i'm really glad to enter in  this community to speak about tim roth ,my only "virtual love" that lasts since i was a preteen and i saw rosencrantz and guildestern are dead!!!and if possible to share my photos or expecially movies that here in my country are so hard to find!!i have almost all his filmography!(and rare theatre things or magazines too!)but still looking for something !!i'm searching all people (for the moment i found only ebay)that could sell me or share his movies!!if you want i have a list of what i'm looking for and what i have got(MOST OF ALL ENGLISH AUDIO DVDS OR VHS)i can reverse all of them onto region free dvds!i preferred to exange without money but i buy them too!happy NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY!!!!if interested,please enter in my own TIM journal too!;)

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