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hey guys! Need some help...

Hi!  Im not sure if anyone can help me.. but im-a-gonna-try.

I'm looking desperatly for massive amounts of screencaps from "Captives".  I know I have seen them before, but that was like a couple of years ago me thinks.  I THINK I saw them from this group, but I could be very wrong.  But if anyone can help me out or point in the right direction I'd thankya forever!

haha, have a great day guys!


Saw the trailor for "Funny Games" and wow... can not wait!!  Looks twisted and great haha!
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HEY! ya I can help you with that its all on this MSN group I found a while back. Enjoy and have a good thanksgiving! The only thing you have to do to actually view the pictures though is to join the group. It doesn't cost a thing, its completely free! yay!:)If you need anything else, just feel free to ask!

You're great! :) thank you so much for your help! Have a good weekend!!
Your most welcome!!:)thanks you too!
unrelated to tim roth: i love the sentiment in your icon.
Thank you! I found the saying while doing a research project for a women's studies class. Very interesting that's for sure.